Our Team

The team prides itself on being able to be all-in on work worth doing. To serve the people that move America is a privilege the team doesn’t take lightly. The realization is that relationships will always outlast transactions, and each person in Tenney Group is dedicated to maximizing every relationship with industry professionals.

The team is comprised of a number of individuals who bring unique backgrounds and experiences to the forefront. When joined together, the team is able to provide vast talent and skillsets to serve the firm’s clients at the highest level.

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The Heart - our core values


The Tenney Group originally began with Charles Tenney looking to serve transportation business owners who were looking to transition into a new phase of life. These transportation businesses were almost always family owned, where transitioning on was like separating from a child. While our firm continues to grow, we remain dedicated to the families who have poured their lives into their business.


The gifts that we’ve been uniquely given are not for us alone. Our business lives to serve others through servant leadership. We share our talents and resources with organizations that have an impactful mission, such as Franktown Open Hearts, an organization committed to the success of Franklin’s inner-city youth through Christ-centered vocational education experiences.


In order to best maximize the impact of the three prior pillars, each professional within the firm must be excellent. Not just excellence in the service delivered to clients and other contacts, but excellence in their relationships, excellence in sales, and everything they do. We believe we can optimize outcomes for our clients and our community when we diligently execute our daily work with excellence.


Without growth, there can be no excellence. We have created a culture of accountability and continuous improvement at all levels. 45+ years of experience has taught us the importance of adapting to challenges unique to the industry in order to better serve our clients.


While some firms may see their community as an accompaniment to their business, we see our community as a fiber of our existence. Whether it’s the professional community of individuals nationwide or the other firms and people in Franklin, Tennessee, our community holds a special place in our heart. We began a “Downtown Franklin Experiment” in 2017 called Tuesday’s With Tenney Group, where professionals who live, work or play in the greater Franklin area could bond over lunch and assist one another with both work and personal needs. Beyond that, we’ve partnered with some of the most meaningful and impactful non-profit organizations in the area, such as Friends Life Community, a non-profit geared towards creating an opportunity for adults with disabilities to develop socially, grow personally, and enjoy community as they experience life together.

history of the firm



Charles Tenney gets his first truck driving job in Dallas, TX.

Charles Tenney facilitates his first transportation industry acquisition.





Tenney Group develops one of the nation’s first best practice groups dedicated to the transportation industry; Charles Tenney becomes first National Limousine Association President.

Current President & CEO, Spencer Tenney, joins the firm.





Tenney Group becomes the only certified merger and acquisition firm focused solely on the transportation and logistics industry.

Tenney Group closes its fastest trucking deal on record. Furniture Row Express is sold 60 days after first point of engagement, and only 27 days after its first buyer presentation.





Tenney Group leads the way with chairman seats on American Trucking Association’s Merger and Acquisition Task Force and initiates Thought Leadership Groups in the Alliance for Merger and Acquisition Advisors.

Tenney Group develops vision and mission to be “Most Impactful M&A Firm in America” – focused heavily on charitable giving.





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