We help you avoid industry pitfalls

When it comes to deal making, the transportation and logistics industry is not like other industries. The largest M&A firms in the world won’t argue with that fact. Tenney Group’s industry specialized sale process is designed to address the “many” unique pitfalls that limit what transportation business owners can accomplish at the closing table and, sometimes, their ability to sell at all. What are the effects of the pitfalls specific to this industry?

Discounted offers (because of hidden business value).

Avoidable breach of confidentiality/operational disruption.

Wasted time with buyers who don’t have the “right” capital sources to buy your business.

Losing deals late in due diligence because lenders/attorneys/CPAs on both sides of the table don’t fully understand this industry.

We Avoid The Pitfalls So You Can Make Impactful Decisions Like

Bless Ministries in Your Church
Build Community Needs
Enjoy the Best Parts of Life

our 47 year old

proven process

Our 47 year old proven process removes the pitfalls that prevent transportation business owners from experiencing the business sale they deserve. Some key features of our process include:

  • No learning on the job. We often shave 3-6 months from the standard sale process.
  • Secure data room (buyers can’t access or share your data except through our secure portal).
  • We create unmatched buyer “relationships” by attending up to 50 industry events each year (speaking at 25).
  • Through competition, we allow our client to consider multiple offers and deal structures to address their unique goals.
  • We leverage our network of industry experts and industry capital sources to troubleshoot problems and to ensure both buyer and seller win.

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