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The transportation and logistics industry has its own set of challenges when it comes to deal making. Tenney Group’s specialized sale process takes these challenges into account to help transportation business owners successfully close deals and sell their businesses.

OUR50YEAR OLD ProvenProcess

Turn 50 years of representing T&L clients, we can design and execute a process that delivers both the desired outcome and peace of mind. Our proven process removes the pitfalls that prevent deals from happening.


  • No learning on the job period since we are industry specialized, we often shave three to six months from the standard sell process.
  • Secure data room (buyers can’t access or share your data except through our secure portal).
  • We create unmatched transportation industry specific relationships by speaking at and attending up to 50 industry events a year.
  • Through competition, we allow our clients to consider multiple offers and deal structures to address their unique goals.
  • Leverage our network of industry experts and industry capital sources to troubleshoot problems and to ensure both buyer and seller win.



Phase 1 | Pre-Marketing

  • Take time to clearly understand the goals of owner(s).
  • Understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved with this unique business.
  • Design A unique process that maximizes deal exposure while protecting confidentiality.
  • Connect our clients with other industries-specialized advisors (legal, CPA, insurance, etc.)

Phase 2 | Active Marketing

  • Leverage our industry relationships to engage top buyers for this unique deal.
  • Diligently work towards offers.
  • Create contacts for both parties while protecting confidentiality by sharing appropriate access to information.
  • Negotiate a letter of intent.

Phase 3 | Due Diligence

  • Hold the line on the value/structure while we negotiate on your behalf.
  • Ensure nature, scope, and other requests are reasonable based on our history and other deals in the transportation and logistics space.
  • Proactively manage requests from various stakeholders: financial, tax, operational, legal, environmental, insurance, IT, etc.
  • Communicate constantly to ensure clarity of request and transparency around status of outstanding items.
  • Move as efficiently as possible to craft a purchase agreement.

Phase 4 | Financial Negotiation and Closing

  • Evaluate trade-offs and optimize allocation of dollars and risk.
  • Collaborate with M&A attorney to identify, explain, prioritize, strategize, and negotiate key economic and legal points.
  • Establish a clear closing timeline and establish accountability to meet deadlines.
  • Protect confidentiality through closing (sequencing of third-party consents, customer/employee announcements, etc.)

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