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Not sure if now is the right time to exit? Have no fear, we’re here to help. Over the course of 45+ years, we’ve helped business owners identify the risks both in the overall current market and within their own business. As industry experts, we aim to equip you with the right information at the right time so that you can make the best decision possible.

We’re dedicated to maximizing an exit for business owners, whether that be financial or through other outlined transaction goals. Our team of industry professionals work hard to produce a number of different potential outcomes, all of which aim to serve our clients in different ways.

What do you do with an unsolicited offer?

Many business owners will receive an unsolicited offer at least once during the lifespan of their business. Many make the mistake of not responding at all, stuck in the mindset of “I’m not interested in selling right now anyways.” While for some the timing may not be ideal, responding to an offer can materially advance the position for both you and your company. How, you may wonder? For many, it gives them an opportunity to learn something new, to understand what is currently occurring in valuation structures, and perhaps most importantly, replying courteously leaves the door open for future conversations to get the right deal done.

How and Where to Build Business Value During Tough Economic Times

Tenney Group recently joined the TCA Profitability Program on a webinar to discuss “How and Where to Build Business Value During Tough Economic Times.” Eric LeMarbre and Spencer Tenney share how business owners, in the face of tremendous challenges, are choosing to do amazing things.

Key focuses of the webinar include detailing ways to build and protect business value, quantifying the amount of business value that can be created through a strategic acquisition and finally, ways companies can work through creative ways to structure and finance acquisitions.

Click to watch and listen to this educational webinar recording

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